Common Language Runtime Debugging Services

Ehshell.exe is an important Windows process and part of Microsoft Media Center.

By default, ehshell.exe is located in the C:\Windows subfolder. The file is known to in sizes 3,223,552 and 2,883,584 bytes.

When performing repetitive tasks in My Media Center on a central PC running Microsoft Windows XP Media Edition, each of our computers may crash or the following current error message may appear on the screen:


The application has thrown a fatal exception that cannot normally be handled.

The above error has been known to occur when performing any of the following recurring tasks in the media center type:

  • Schedule a live TV show recording.
  • Minimize, maximize, or resize the Media Center window.
  • Change channel when Media Center is in a window. ?

To resolve issues with this message, install the latest service pack for Microsoft Windows XP.

In Microsoft Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005, if you completely exit the Gem Master game by clicking Close Mouse, your computer may run slowly or freeze. If you click the Processes tab in the Windows Task Manager, you may notice that the ehshell.exe process may be using 100% of the CPU resources. Prevent

To avoid this, use remote control instead of your mouse to return to the main Media Center window and exit Gem Master.

If you find that our custom Media Center icon is missing from your desktop for Microsoft Windows XP Media Center Edition 2002, you can follow these steps to resolve any issue:

  1. Right click on an empty state on the desktop, select New and click Shortcut.
  2. Then click the browse button and navigate to the main ehome folder (the default path is definitely %Windir%\ehome).
  3. Follow the onscreen instructions to create the entire shortcut.
  4. Once the shortcut is created, right-click it and select Properties.
  5. Here, make sure the value in this target is the %Windir%\ehome field, and understand that the initial text field is in the %Windir%\ehome\ehshell.exe text field.
  6. Then click “Apply” and then “OK”.%Windir%

Note: This is a variable referring to the folder in which the updated by Windows. The default is C:\Windows

Yes, ehshell.exe is just about any safe file. Ehshell.exe is a file signed by Microsoft and is not considered to be related to malware.


However, it should be noted that many malware, such as viruses, ex-Trojans, and worms, intentionally name their malicious processes similar to current legitimate processes in order to avoid detection. For example, malware can install completely misleading processes on your computer such as eshell.exe, ehsshell.exe and it could be ehshel.exe.


If you find any unwanted processes running on your computer, immediately run a malware scan with advanced security tools such as STOPzilla Antivirus and Stop Spyware to remove the malware. Also, after intercepting them and removing the malicious process, perform a substantial registry scan with a permanent registry registry utility such as RegServe to ensure that the data stored in the registry is valid and in good condition.standing.

If role=”primary”>


When I try to start Windows Media Center, it crashes with the error: ehshell.exe – Common Execution Language Debugging Services



Start>Run and type: cmd

In our own command prompt window, type the following few commands and press Enter after each command:-
Type: regsvr32.exe atl.dll
Type: DVD CD \
Type: Windows
Type: eHome CD
Type: ehSched /unregServer
Type: ehSched /service
Type: ehRecvr /unregServer
Type: ehRecvr /service
Type: ehRec.exe /unregServer
Type: ehRec.exe /regserver
Type: ehmsas.exe /unregServer
Type: ehmsas.exe /regserver
Restart media role=”navigation”>

Publishing Center




When I try to focus on Windows Media Center, I get the error: ehshell.exe – Common Language Runtime Debugging Services


In the command prompt window, type the following commands and press Enter after each command:-
Type: regsvr32.exe atl.dll
Type: CD \
Type: Windows
Type: eHome CD
Type: ehSched /unregServer
Type: ehSched /service
Type: ehRecvr /unregServer
Type: ehRecvr /service
Type: ehRec.exe /unregServer
Type: ehRec.exe /regserver
Type: ehmsas.exe /unregServer
Type: ehmsas./regserver
exe Restart media center

  1. The application has thrown an exception that cannot be handled.
    process id = ox1a08 (6664), thread id = ox17a4 (6052)

This has always been about the error message I got when trying to open Windows Media
I have tried everything except removing Windowpane Media Center from
Add/remove a program. Can I do it and will I live after the reboot
from a backup CD?
Any help is welcome.


  • Media Center cannot be “removed”, it is an integral part of the operating system. you maybe my media player? If so, try posting your main question to the support team

Player forum for more/better help


  • in the add/remove program, it can probably show Windows XP Media Center when you type
    tick in somesqueaks of updates above. But I also found that this
    the only update type I can uninstall. she



  • Thanks, sfc /scannow worked unfortunately. It didn’t do anything.


Windows Media Started Center talk, R. Reyes, September 23, 2009

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