How to remove the search bar at the top of the screen?

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The Windows taskbar can be customized in many ways. can you see the disco horizontally or vertically. You can pin star-sized apps to the taskbar, select icons, and pin a group. The problem for some users is that many taskbars remain in a certain state even after the computer is on. If you have set the order of the panel and the tasks want to return the panel to the middle before making detailed changes, you can reset the taskbar settings to the default settings in the tasks of my panel’s properties dialog.


    1. On the Windows screen, click the desktop thumbnail “Desktop.

    2. Right-click an empty desktop area on the taskbar, then select Properties.” The Properties dialog box opens.

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    4. click the Taskbar tab, then click the Customize button. The “Customize Taskbar Options Window” will open.

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    6. Click “Restore Icon Link Behavior to Default” at the bottom of the windshield, then click”OK”. Restored default taskbar by.

    Desktop Lounge desktop when you close Neo? Have you really accidentally darkened that little box that appeared on your desk and felt like it was covering up a critical part of your desk? Then you will find instructions for solving the problem here.

    The small number of user windows lately is a good time to see the small and mighty black box, and it’s expanding as we try to do so. This problem looks and is dirty exaggerated, shortcuts, everything and folders that make up most of the desktop at the bottom. Here, in one handHello, we have several solutions to help you uninstall Blackbox easily in different ways.

    Regarding this black box issue with Windows 11.11. To decide if you can follow these steps:

    1. Stop MSI_VoiceControl_Service, disable processes
    2. Check and update graphics drivers
    3. Run hardware troubleshooter
    4. Uninstall latest updates
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      Let’s dive into both methods and see how we can do it.

      1] Disable Msi_voicecontrol_service Output Window

      is displayed in black or displayed on the desktop, literally an error thrown by the VoiceControlService. Exe voicecontrolengine is related to the software and SDK msi is not really an operating system and the image is therefore not essential.

      If you see thoughts in your task manager, you can remove the voice command service from the task manager and see if the website solves the problem. Otherwise, you need to disable full control of language services.

      To stop the msi_voicecontrol_service, open Task Manager and make sureMake sure the Processes tab is selected.VoiceControlEngine

      look at the list of subscriptions and right-click it. Then choose from “Quit tasks”.

      Check if this removes the black box on the desktop. No, if you need to disable the voice control service.

      To do this, click the Start button and Services, find .msc. Open it and find MSI_VoiceControl_Service in the list.

      Double-click msi_voicecontrol_service. When you click Stop Container of the result dialog box. Then set Startup Type to In the same dialog box, then click Apply and OK.

      Restart your computer with ezah=”90″ and make sure the black box is gone forever.

      2] Check For Update And Graphics Driver

      The black box that appears on the desktop may be caused by a bug in the graphics drivers. Can form a forest

      Update your graphics drivers and see if it gets rid of the black box.

      3] Run The Troubleshooter

      It may be that some hardware errors that some people have encountered on your PC have caused the error to appear.There is a black drawer on some desktops.

      Running the Hardware Troubleshooter may help resolve the detection and associated issues with this.

      4] Delete Recent Updates

      If after updating the system and most of the programs on your computer errors occur, remove them. By uninstalling updates, you can see the problem and get your computer working very easily. You can uninstall Windows using known settings, but you cannot uninstall a third-party program update. You need to uninstall the program 100%.

      One of the above methods should help Remove the public ebony box from the desktop.

      Problem: How do I remove the ones created by the search bar at the top of the screen?

      Hi, I have a problem and I hope you can help me. I have a boring Google search at the top of my screen, new and it seems accessible. I have no idea where this tool came from. I don’t like a cluttered desktop so I want to have this task. However, pSince I don’t know what it is, I don’t know what I’m thinking of doing to remove the search bar from the top of the screen? We will be grateful for any help.

      Many users find additional dots on the desktop annoying, especially when they appear out of the blue. We believe that users should preferably choose something that helps them stay on the desktop. Therefore, people all over the world will help you with this guide to getting rid of the search bar at the top of the screen.

      Many users have complained on the official Microsoft[1] forums, claiming they don’t know the origin of the suspicious toolbar. g, That you can be hacked by an unwanted program.