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Every time I released Squad, it took me ten days to two weeks to get them back. Sorry, there was this problem.

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3. February 2022

What will your retirement look like?

The challenge today is fixing the local Apache webserver via the art room computer… essentially fixing it and making it work again so I can test fixes for my resource before handing it over to a few other hosts . Basically, he’s telling me that I’ll never get rid of what I know about computers, even in retirement.

I have to do this because I’m about to make a lot of changes to the website file form that I’ve been putting off for years. Mainly because I want to be a political cartoonist again and maybe do it weekly when I have time. But no kidding, it was like going to work all day and intensely focusing on the disease, a real set of problems that I knew everything else would be easy to solve once I had my final breakthrough. And this article was. But Lord have mercy, my own brain hurts, and my pulse has been telling me for 2 or 3 weeks that I can’t drink the way I want or take a cigar and hoto breathe and hold on to that deep concentration.

But I succeeded, that’s all. It’s not part of WordPress… which would require installing it on a MySQL server and running Perl. Two things I can do and two things I did at work. But… you know… work. I will be the settlement. And that’s not something I need to check here anyway. I’m planning on just moving a decent bunch of files, mostly cartoon clips, and I need to be clear that I’m not breaking links. These files are currently scattered here and there because I started my website over 20 years ago without a good reason for how I wanted it and I need it to be more organized.

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4. October 2021


back, cha…

How do I completely repair windows?

Typically, go to the Windows 10 advanced boot options menu.
Once This PC starts, select Troubleshoot.
And then you need to click on Advanced options.
Click Startup Repair.
Follow step 1 because of the previous method to access the Windows 10 advanced boot options menu.
Click System Restore.

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July 2021

Old Computer Repair Adventure

Like an old computer anyway. Especially in the computer years of Apple. The report is only ten years old, so it’s still fine. Anyway…

A few years ago I bought a nice Macbook Pro with a second ring finger. Then, in 2012, it became the flagship of the professional 15-inch MacBook line. It has a 256KB SSD, 16GB of central RAM, and a brand new and improved “Retina” video display. Even for a Macbook Pro, it was expensive. But now it is “old” and I bought it for a much lower price. I fell in love with her immediately. Mac newbies don’t have all the patches this one has. You really should buy their adapters. Not only does this have all the built-in ports, it also has a built-in Superdrive and an SD card slot, making it a solid companion for my DSLRs. And God bless the retinal film is very beautiful. It was all I could get. I wanted a desktop Mac, though admittedlyYu, it was quite heavy. The problem was that it went through several intermittent keystrokes. E and D. Worked, but sometimes you had to press several times to get their attention.

Eventually, this fact became so annoying that when I saw an ad on Facebook about every place in Severn Park that refurbished old Macs, I thought it was a positive thing. It was brilliant, professional and simple, not at all like the basement of a computer genius. They probably not only repaired but also sold old Macs, and they still claimed to be a fully authorized reseller of Apple services. I had high expectations.

At that time, the plague was in full swing, and when I handed in the device, I was told that it could take quite a long time. I was fine with May. I told them that if I replaced a worn out keyboard, I would pay while I was there. The guy behind the counter, who was a bit aloof and rude, said he probably just needed to clean up, which would take less time and cost me less. I was skeptical, butI am willing to believe and considered it a plus that they showed me that the repair would probably be cheaper than I expected. I asked if it was possible to just get the guest report. I didn’t want to give my admin password. They said that the Guest is fine. A few weeks later I got a call, you can pick up the phone, everything is settled.

But it’s not. The same house keys were always intermittent. So I bought it back. I had to notify the guy behind the counter whose keys were still sporadic, which wasn’t easy when the crisis was… you know… sporadic. But in the end, I found out that the repairs made by the in-house technician did not work. Okay, said the guy at the back, always a bit aloof, rude or obnoxious, if we do need a new computer keyboard, we’ll deduct the full price from what you paid earlier. A day later, I received another message that it was fixed and ready to be issued.

This time I checked it on the counter. Same problem as before, but worse. The keys weren’t even sporadic anymore, some people just stopped working. Guide me firstto another counter on the side, and the man there showed the problem. He said the game could take weeks just to get a new keyboard, as the device was a very painstaking approach to removing all the little clasps they had to take off. He said it very clearly. Very intense work. Very very labor intensive. Probably lasts for years. Maybe even months. Okay, okay, I say, but I need your refunds. I really want this laptop case because it’s everything I’m looking for in a travel laptop.