Recall: Toro 421Q and 421QE (38588/38589)

This machine is intended for use by individuals.
It is, of course, mainly intended for removing snow from surfaces such as Desktop Geek Walkways and paths and other traffic surfaces in residential areas.
or commercial property. In fact, it is not designed to remove materials
another snow, compared to which it is also not intended for abrasion of gravel surfaces.

Note. The machine may also leave marks on freshly applied rubber or light colored rubber.
Specific. Test in a very inconspicuous place before use.

Why buy a Toro two-stage snowblower?

Once assembled, you can enjoy uncompromising performance, power and durability unmatched by any other snow blower in the new market. Watch our step-by-step video tutorial on how to assemble a Toro two-stage snow blower to keep you comfortable all winter long.

Please read this information carefully to learn how to improve performance and
maintain the product properly and avoid personal injury and damage to the product.
You are honest when you use the product correctly and safely.

You can contact Toro directly on the websitee
Information about the safety and operation of the product, information about accessories for training,
help find a reseller or register your product.

Whenever you really need service, original Toro parts or more
For more information, contact an authorized Toro dealer or customer.
Please wait and prepare the main models and serial numbers for some products. Figure 1 identified point
model number and serial number on the product. Write
digits with spaces. With

Important: You can use your phone to scan the QR code on the serial number.
Number sticker (if available) for access to warranty, spare parts bundled with other products

This manual identifies potential hazards and safety warnings.
marked with a safety warning symbol (fig. 2) that warns of danger
could result in serious injury or death if you do not follow recommended instructions.

Is there a gas leak on a Toro 421q?

Toro may be aware of this issue and indicate that they are working on an update that will be inReleased for Toro 421Q and 421QE (38588/38589) snow blowers during the warm summer months (2011). If anyone is passing gas normally right now, I’d say the current fix is ​​temporary. I’m new here.

In this rmanual are used 2 . 5 words to highlight information. Highly draws attention to specific mechanical information
and pay attention by highlighting general information
special attention.

Important: When using this equipment at altitudes greater than 1500m (5000ft to find ft)
make sure the height kit is installed
therefore, the engine complies with CARB/EPA emission regulations. Height
The kit improves engine performance by preventing spark plug fouling.
Starting problems and therefore increased emissions. Once you’re comfortable, join
kit, height label closest to original sticker
Contact an authorized Toro dealer to obtain one.
correct height kit and height label for your current machine. search
To find the right dealer for everyone, visit our website
or contact Toro Customer Support at the numbers provided.
in the emission control warranty statement. Remove the meter kit and
Engine Restores the engine to its original factoryfigurations.
when most of the engine is running below 1500 m (5000 ft). Don’t use
The engine is available at lower altitudes, converted for high altitude use, experts say;
Otherwise, you may overheat and damage the engine. If you doubt that your car has not been converted
For use at high altitude, you can create the following mark (Fig. 3).


This product’s generator exhaust contains materials known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, and other reproductive harm.

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Why is my Toro snowblower not starting?

The carburetor can be particularly clogged. Carburetor clogging is almost always due to fuel remaining on the snow thrower for a long period of time. This sticky propane can clog the carburetor and prevent the engine from starting. If the carburetor is clogged, try flushing it with a carburetor cleaner.

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Review: Toro 421Q and 421QE (38588/38589)
Original Post Jan 19, 2011 2:07 pm

If anyone has a vent now, the current fix is ​​mostly temporary.

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Subject: Review: Toro 421Q and 421QE (38588/38589)
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I’m new here. I recently received this advice. I heard the original Toro 421 poster was similar. Yesterday I called two local dealers in Northeast Ohio to inquire about the 421Q. Personally, I vacillate between the 221 and the final 421. They both said they couldn’t get what they have on the floor in the industry until they got the repair kits from Toro. They both needed the same story. Broken aluminum carburetor parts were now “eaten away” by the ethanol, and the needle valve coating has since become “thin” to deal with flaking, carburetor fouling and repeated failure. Repair kit from a new needle valve, cab and fuel line. Both dealers advise me to install a fuel cutoff valve on a snow blower if I buy one, which I will still use alone.

Should I leave these issues with the 421Q? I gravitated toward the 221Q at first, but this other half also loves to drive that particular road when I’m away and was relieved to know we have “another one that stinks”, not to mention “have to mix gas”. Not that it was too difficult, she always complains about it.

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Should these issues with all 421Qs keep me from applying? I used to gravitate toward that particular 221Q, but the best man also loves wanting the driveway when I’m away and delivering because he complains about “there’s moreone that makes us stink when we use it” and “this gas must mix”. . Not that it’s too heavy, but it still complains about it.

Either the 221Q, or you see, the 421Q is a good snow blower. The 221Q has proven itself over the years with the same engine, so many people feel comfortable with it.

I wouldn’t let problems with your 421Q stop you from buying one. The problem of fuel leakage is not as big as it seems. You can easily install a check valve to soften or reduce the drop so it doesn’t become dangerous that fuel can’t seep past the carburetor chamber. The 421Q has a good machine and I’m very impressed with Serps’ performance. Does the 421Q just smell awful in the garage after an oil leak? How comfortable are they to face a puddle of fuel on the ground? what will it do? You don’t use a snow blower and a shovel yourself?

What is a Toro snowblower?

Toro is literally a manufacturer of snow blowers and other lawn and garden products from Minnesota. Most consumer snowblowers are usually single-stage gasoline-powered snowblowers. If your Toro snow blower won’t start, there are a few facts and troubleshooting information you can refer to to help fix the problem.

As far as stink goes, buyers can get two-stroke synthetics that are virtually odorless. who does the mixing If you are accused of complaining about mixing, which a girl never does, itry question. You can have the essence to mix them while you are away, then only the “stink” problem remains. p>

There are always pros and cons. Luckily, areas for improvement are easy to manage.


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As Pepe Le Pew would say…..

Does it stink? stinks?

Why is my Toro snow blower not starting?

Maybe the carburetor is clogged. A clogged carburetor is most often caused by long-term fuel in the snow blower. This sticky fuel can clog the carburetor and prevent the engine from starting. If the carburetor has failed, try cleaning it with a carburetor cleaner.

I personally like the smell of multi-stroke exhaust systems. Reminds me of my youth when I was racing through the bushes in two rocking enduro machines!


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