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  • Commander One 2.0 in Eltima Software
  • File manager for Mac by Eltima Software, is meant to replace Finder by offering functionality the latter is lacking. Its powerful features allow managing files in an easy and efficient way
  • FlexiHub for Android 3.4 in Eltima Software
  • FlexiHub for Android is a powerful software application that allows sharing USB devices attached to your Android device with remote computers over the Internet. You simply connect a USB device you?d like to share to a USB port of your Android and FlexiHub redirects the device to a remote desktop across the network. The shared USB device will appear on the remote computer as though it were attached directly to that machine.
  • CloudMounter for Windows 1.5.1105 in Eltima Software
  • CloudMounter makes possible to mount cloud storage as a local drive on Windows PC. With this Dropbox Windows client, you can get access to online data from your Windows computer without copying files locally. If you are searching for Google Drive app for Windows, OneDrive client for PC it is the best choice. CloudMounter can also encrypt your online files, so no one else can see them from other connection sources.
  • Virtual Serial Port Driver PRO 9.0 in Eltima Software
  • Virtual Serial Port Driver PRO allows the creation of serial port bundles and customization of port parameters. The app lets you split and join COM ports, redirect serial data to physical or virtual COM ports on either side of the created complex bundle. Create bundles consisting of an unlimited number of physical and virtual ports. You can merge COM ports and automatically switch ports to facilitate communication with any application.
  • CloudMounter for Mac 3.2 in Eltima Software
  • CloudMounter enables you to access data stored on multiple cloud services from Finder window. Cloud services are mounted on your Mac and you can browse them as if they were removable disks. CloudMounter works with all popular cloud accounts, allows you to connect to remote servers, manage your online files as local ones and encrypt your online data.
  • PhotoBulk for Mac 2.1 in Eltima Software
  • PhotoBulk is a versatile Mac image editor that enables you to set watermark to photos, optimize images and resize pictures in a bulk, thus saving you a lot of time and effort. You can also use it as an image converter and bulk renamer, as the app is capable of processing multiple images in one go.
  • USB over Ethernet Connector 8.0 in Eltima Software
  • USB over Ethernet Connector offers a perfect solution when you need to share USB ports over Ethernet. You may need to work with a device that cannot be connected to your local system and this software lets you access USB over LAN, manage and access local USB devices in virtual sessions. Simply install USB over Ethernet Connector on the computer with the USB device attached and on the machine that will remotely access USB over Internet.
  • Uplet 1.3 in Eltima Software
  • Uplet is an easy-to-use bulk Instagram uploader for Mac. It enables you to post any number of photos and multiple videos to your Instagram account in one go, in their original quality. It does not matter what device was used for taking photos. Choose pictures you would like to upload, drag-and-drop them into the application window, edit, if required, and post all of them in a single click.
  • Virtual Serial Port Driver 9.0 in Eltima Software
  • Virtual Serial Port Driver creates pairs of virtual COM ports at the PC. Using these ports various serial applications can connect with each other and transfer data via virtual null-modem cable. The data written to one virtual COM port can be instantly read from the other.The pairs of virtual serial ports created in VSPD by Eltima behave as they were real ones.
  • USB Network Gate 8.0 in Eltima Software
  • USB Network Gate is perfect solution in those cases when you need to work with some USB device, but cannot connect it directly to your local machine. It will also help you access and manage local USB devices in a virtual session. All that is needed to do is just install USB Network Gate on a computer with a physically attached USB device (server) and on the computer where you want to use remote USB device (client).
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