• Punter_32 XP in GoldSoft
  • The ultimate student of form aid for betting on the horses/races. Know how the field compares, what is probable and where is your best bet. New methods of handicapping have forced the punter to turn to technology before placing a bet. Betting without Punter_32 XP is like crossing the road blindfolded. Punting for a profit has become serious business. Getting the best out of your Computa Form/Express and Winning Form.
  • Lotto-R-Easy in GoldSoft
  • In one sentence. Lotto-R-Easy is the most simple and versatile lottery program there is. It does not try to impress you with statistics that is totally irrelevant. Let`s face it, lottery numbers is drawn at random. All you need is Microsoft Excel on your machine. Lotto-R-Easy draws its numbers from the Excel file. You control the file. Hence you control the program.
  • Whoza Yebo Bucks in GoldSoft
  • Whosa Yebo Bucks uses two very precise algorithms to calculate the combinations to play the Vodacom Yebo Millionaires.
  • GoldSoft Organizer 1.1 in GoldSoft
  • Very easy to use multilingual Organizer. It includes: Address, Mailing Lists, To Do, Notes, Accounts, Cash, Checks, Calendar, Appointments, Anniversaries, it prints letters and labels, it sends e-mails, it dials telephone numbers and does a lot more things, in a balanced collaboration. The program includes files with holidays from other countries and it is very easy for you to add new holidays or create new holiday files for other countries.

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  • PDF to Excel Converter
  • PDF to Excel Converter helps you convert PDF to XLS with ease. It supports converting encrypted PDF files. You can choose Partial conversion and Batch conversion as you wish. Its user-friendly interface and standalone function make it easier to use.PDF to PowerPoint
  • PDF to PowerPoint Converter
  • PDF to PowerPoint Converter helps you rapidly convert PDF to PowerPoint (PDF to PPT), accurately preserving original layout of text, columns, tables, graphics and even hyperlinks.PDF to PowerPoint
  • PDF to Word Converter
  • PDF to Word Converter can fast convert PDF to Word in just a few clicks, accurately retaining original text layout, images, headers/footers, and hyperlinks.PDF to PowerPoint

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