Keystroke Logger

  • Stealth Keystroker 2.1.35 in Keystroke Logger
  • Stealth Keystroker is an undetectable keystroke logger (keylogger) which allows you to secretly record all activities of computer users and automatically deliver the logs to you via Email or FTP. Stealth Keystroker records all the system activities, such as email sent and received, websites visited, all keystrokes, passwords, chat convos, and takes screenshots at set intervals just like a surveillance camera. See more at
  • Keystroke Logger Pro 1.7.21 in Keystroke Logger
  • Keystroke Logger Pro is an invisible keylogger for Windows systems that runs hidden in the background. Keystroke Logger Pro secretly records keystrokes, passwords, websites visited and also takes screenshots at set intervals just like a surveillance camera. More details:
  • Keystroke Logger in Keystroke logger
  • Reliable and easy to use keystroke logger software at provides user best means to spy other user activity on Windows computer machine executing in complete stealth mode that cannot be detected by secondary users enabling computer administrator to get complete information of activities performed by their children, friends, relatives, business partner, spouse, company employees, personal secretary and other system users.
  • Keystroke Logger Free in Keystroke logger free
  • Keystroke Logger Free spyware supports enhanced features to capture overall system and internet events performed by outside user in completely surveillance mode. PC log manager utility detects typed keystrokes and captures screenshots of any opened and closed application by the user to observe every activity visually. Professional Key logger tool provides excellent facility to detect insertion and removal of any USB media in personal computer.
  • Keystroke Logger Download in Keystroke logger download
  • Specialized PC surveillance utility is able to create log files for each and every process executed on your PC and automatically delivers at user specified email ID. Once you install keystroke logger software on PC it automatically scans entire PC and records all running applications with real date/time details. Amazing keyboard tracking program silently observes all active/inactive applications executed on your PC with proper date/time details.
  • Keystroke Logger Software 5.0.1 in Keystroke Logger
  • Keylogger software records email accounts password and username keyboards typed data chat conversation visited websites. Keyboards monitoring software recover unsaved typed information which is lost due to power failed. Key Logger will not appear on the Desktop, Add/Remove Programs and Control panel. It can easily restore your recent or previously accidentally lost data. Keyboard logger runs in completely stealth mode. Track everything on pc
  • Keystroke Logger 5.0.1 in Keystroke Logger
  • keyboard logger computer monitoring software need to start monitoring your employees? computer and Internet activity in your office. Keyboard recorder record computer's keystrokes emails username password online chat and websites visited. PC monitoring software will display screenshots of what your employee?s activities. Application is useful for home users, business user, and education administration.Monitor employees activity children spous.

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