• zTrace Gold 1.0 in zTrace Gold Software
  • zTrace offers tracing and recovery services for laptops/PCs when they are stolen. The pre-installed zTrace software package is invisible on a customers computer. If the computer is stolen, the owner notifies zTrace of that fact by email, fax, web or phone and zTrace turns on its monitoring feature which is on the lookout for the computer. zServer patent pending technology can identify the location from which the connection is made. After the l
  • Utility Package 1.0 in Utility Package Software
  • Receive a license key to all of our applications, at an amazing discount Great to complete your digital toolset. The price for this package is 27.93 - a savings of 189.32
  • TuneZilla 1.0 in TuneZilla Software
  • Tune In to the world of MP3 music files with TuneZilla WAY COOL This program automatically finds, downloads, and plays music and video files from Usenet. It gets MP3, AVI, and MPG multipart files. The Problem Music and video files are very large. Because of that fact, they are usually stored on Usenet as many small fragments instead of one huge file. This technique is called multipart posting and it causes some unique prob
  • Pluckit Multimedia Studio 1.0 in Pluckit Multimedia S Software
  • PMS quickly searches the newsgroups (USENET) where 1000s of MP3 files are posted every day. You select which MP3 files you want to download from the list PMS creates for you. Then just tell PMS to get those files for you. Its that easy
  • Sort-it 1.0 in Sort-it Software
  • Its a FILE ORGANIZER, not just a graphics/image sorting utility. With Sort-It Professional, you can easily sort ANY files on your computer. This means all those old documents, spreadsheets, letters, and text files that you have been meaning to clean out for years can be sorted, deleted, and organized in minutes. If you have a program on your computer associated with the file type, you can use Sort-It . Nothing could be easier.
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