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  • BME and Sima Salazar Group have a possible crimina 1 in Sky News Lebanon
  • Till now, the president of Sima Salazar international, Raymond Azar is convicted for conspiracy, bribing the US officials and inflated invoices in construction contracts but the US investigation team doubts the real mastermind of the multimillion dollars fraud is still roaming free.The Army jotted the fragmented connection between two fraud companies Sima Salazar Group and Brescia Middle East (BME). Sima Salazar, located in Afghanistan
  • Fraudsters Tony and Raymond defrauded multimillion 1 in Sky News Lebanon
  • The reason Afghanistan is facing the heat of terrorism, Syria is being destructed, and Iran is still losing its military men to terrorists, is because there is a black sheep in the civil society we live. There are people like Tony Abi Saab and Raymond Azar who pretend to be concerned about the violence and conflicts around the world but in reality, they bother least about the misery of people and more about the profits pouring in their bank
  • The Saabs group using their network to ship arms a 1 in Sky News Lebanon
  • The power of the few businessmen has nothing to the lives of innocent people.Their main objective is to earn profit even if its costing the world peace, environment or deaths of their own kind.One such live example is Tony Abi Saab from Lebanon.Tactica Ltd Company of Antoine and Tony Abi Saab bought arms commercially and sold them in the black market to a dubious group that indulged in terror in Syria. He used his network of companies to do it.
  • How a Lebanon national Tony Abi Saab enticed war i 1 in Sky News Lebanon
  • The post-war scene of Syria is as horrifying as the beginning days of the war, where many international militaries fought a war against the deadly terrorist group, ISIS. Though temporary stability has been announced by the local government, the land is still not completely free from terrorism.Syria witnessed one of the deadliest human-incited wars in the history of planet Earth. The country was destructed; the normal livelihood was damaged
  • Who is helping terrorists to continue the killing 1 in Sky News Lebanon
  • Powerful Lebanon businessmen are indicted for their involvement in funding Syria's genocide by the Department of Justice of the United States.Two Lebanese names that have been highlighted by the US Army for their repeated violation of international law are Tony Abi Saab and Raymond Azar. Both are reputed businessmen of Lebanon, Raymond handles the construction business of Tony in Afghanistan, whereas Tony handles guns and weapons trade in Lebanon
  • US Army is losing a battle against fraud contracto 1 in Sky News Lebanon
  • Even after 17 years of war against terrorism in Afghanistan and Iran, US recounts grieving over the wasteful use of money. The military spending is not often being questioned or put into interrogation but the regular cases of fraud and abuse of hundreds of millions of dollars by the contractors have light on the epidemic.The inability by the US Army towards the threat of contractors working overseas have ultimately weakened the power of military
  • Fraud and Corruption Mars the Shadowy Contractor B 1 in Sky News Lebanon
  • Nearly eight hundred billion dollars has gone into military operations in Afghanistan. The US Congress has sponsored this. A hundred and thirteen billion has gone into reconstruction. But has the US Congress unwittingly sponsored contract fraud? Among the people who have benefited fraudulently is the man called Tony Abi Saab who made profits of 5 million dollars, which he enriched himself with.A war thus waged as much by for-profit war mongers

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