Fix COM Surrogate has stopped working in Windows 7

The root cause of the COM override problem is the wrong video driver on this Windows computer. You can probably fix this problem by resetting your Video Racer settings. See how: 1) On the power button, press and hold the Windows Essential logo, then press R to click on the Run box.

The COM Surrogate Stopped has Working complication is mostly caused by a completely wrong graphics driver on your Windows laptop or computer. You can probably fix this by rolling back the graphics driver. See how to do it: it’s 1) On your keyboard, press and hold the Windows logo, then press R to display the racing box above the flight.

How do I get Windows Photo Viewer back in Windows 7?

If you have upgraded from Windows 7 8.1
Reverting Windows to the old Photo Viewer is easy – just open Settings and go to System > Default Apps. In the Photo Viewer section, you should see that you are currently the default photo viewer (probably some new photo app).

My client is having a strange problem when viewing illustrations, photos, and videos on his Windows PC Many: A basic error pops up with the following message:

How do I fix COM Surrogate has stopped working?

Method: 1 to Roll back to the previous graphics card driver.
Method 2: Add dllhost.exe except DEP.
Method 3: Reregister DLLs.4
Step: Check for disk errors.5
Method: Update codecs.
Method 6: Reset Explorer internet settings.

COM surrogate requires too much work

Conveniently, the error usually appeared when viewing video and/or image files, and not all other file keys. After some testing, we managed to fix the difficulties, but we had to try to connect with different things before it worked once and for all. In this article, I will use various possible solutions and I hope that one of them will show you the results.

Method 1 – Update Codecs

Because this was a clear video/image complication, we thought this might be the case with currently installed codecs. This customer liked to copy, especiallyterrible, ripping that he installed ffdshow and all the other codecs. We have manually updated several codecs to their latest samples, ffdshow, including the Windows 7 Codec and pack others. You can download this version, the latest codec pack for Windows 7.

How do I fix COM Surrogate has stopped working?

Safe method: revert to your previous graphics card driver.
Method 2: Add dllhost.exe to a specific DEP exception.
Method 3: re-register the DLLs.
Method 4: check your hard drive for errors.
Method 3: update your codecs.
Method 6: reset Internet Explorer.

If you have either divx Nero installed on your computer, also update it to the most popular versions. In some cases, you may want to uninstall the latest version of the program and then reinstall it at some point.

Method 2. Kaspersky – There Is An Antivirus

A known issue with Kaspersky Antivirus has been identified as being related to this issue. If you use Kaspersky, be sure to update some of your current Kaspersky Lab software, but not all antivirus definitions. You can also check if this is the cause of the problem by disabling my program and see if the problem goes away completely.3 –

Command Method

There are a few commands that you will try running on Windows if you see that they solve the problem. You need to run this matrix from the command line. Click “Start”, enter cmd, forthen right-click as desired and “Run as administrator”. Now type after the commands press and :

after each command

regsvr32 vbscript.dll
regsvr32 jscript.dll

This can definitely re-register some DLLs on Windows and fix the COM substitution error. Otherwise, read on!

Step 4 – Check Disk For Errors

If this problem only occurs on a specific external USB device, the hard drive may have bad sectors. It is recommended to run chkdsk to make sure the disk is working properly. You can read my previous site to learn how to use the chkdsk utility.

Method 5 Disable DEP For Dllhost.exe

Another fix that has been mentioned a few times recently is the inclusion of dllhost.exe in the Data Execution (DEP) protection exclusion list. You can read my previous article on how to disable DEP on Windows. In the last step of this policy, click Add, then add some of the following from the 32-bit Windows .exe files:


For a 64-bit version of Windows 7, you get an exception forCondition paths to the dllhost.exe file:

C:\Windows\SysWOW64\dllhost this.exe

Method 4 – Display/Printer Driver

This can be a little tricky, but if you’ve recently updated a driver to display other hardware on your computer, consider rolling back most of the driver to a previous version. This is usually more about the expression driver than anything else. In other cases, updating the display driver to the latest version may solve the problem, so you will need to modify or roll back the driver each time you update the driver.

How do I fix COM Surrogate has stopped working Windows 7?

Click R+ windows (Run) and generate “inetcpl.cpl” from internet (explorer settings).
Go to the “Advanced” tab and “Reset” click.
Turn on Delete Personalsettings” and click “Reset”. TA-dah!

To disable golf club display, go to Device Manager, expand Display Adapters, then right-click the device and select Uninstall. You will see a pop-up window in which you need to check the box “Delete the software driver for this technology”.

Similarly, you should also check the corresponding printer drivers and update them if any updates are available. . This is

I hope these methods will fix the Windows Top 7 How To Fix Com Surrogate That Has Stopped Working With Windows 7 Windows Photo Viewer replacement error. If not, post a feedback page and let us know your needs and what you’ve tried, we’ll try to help. Good luck!

My user has encountered an unusual problem while viewing images and segments on his Windows 7 PC: in this situation, the following error message appeared:

COM Surrogate stopped working

The strange thing is that these errors only appear when viewing video or image files, and not other types of files. After some research, we managed to solve the problem, but we had to try different ways before it finally worked. In this article, I will write a lot of possible solutions and I hope that one of them will work for you.

Method 4 – Update, Codecs

Of course, since this was a valid video/image issue, we thought it might be related to the currently installed codecs. Ethat client was especially fond of copying and copying stuff, that’s why he positioned other codecs in ffdshow. We updated all codecs to the latest versions, including ffdshow, the Windows 3 Codec Pack and others. You can download the latest version of Von for Windows associated with Codec Pack 7. You

If you have or divx Nero installed on your computer, also update them to the latest versions. In some cases, you may need to remove the software from the store and reinstall everything later.