Windows 11 Review: Dawn of a New Era


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    It’s been six wonderful years since the last major release of Windows, and a lot has changed in the operating system era since then. Microsoft is once again showing a burning passion for creating a new, modern approach to the Windows client experience that is easy to use, beautifully designed and well connected, all in a big attempt to make you more efficient in business processes or originals. .

    In a world where more and more people use server computers in their daily lives, Microsoft believes it is important to provide a quality operating system.A complete system designed from the ground up for working from home. speaking to a new generation of people who have grown up and continue to use smartphones and nutritional supplements as their main “computers”.

    I’ve been using Windows 11 since its first preview on all my PCs in June. I enjoyed our time with him and I believe this is the beginning of a new era for the operating system. However, Windows 11 is free for the first time, which means there is certainly room for improvement in many areas. So, with all that in mind, let’s dive into the details.

    Windows 11

    Output. Microsoft is back with a new version of Windows, with a refreshed design, new features, and a renewed focus on modernizing the desktop experience with some familiar Windows features.

    Compatibility. As a general rule, any PC released after 2018 should be fully compatible with Windows 11.

  • New design with custom id Interface.
  • Simplified launch menu and taskbar.
  • Improved Microsoft Store
  • Significant performance improvement
  • Source: Microsoft

    Windows 11 is now available as a general release for eligible Windows 10 PCs. Microsoft is taking a measured and easy approach to deployment, but that means not everyone gets all the updates right away. When your computer is ready, Windows Update will display a large pop-up window that will allow you to easily start the download and installation process, and Windows will take care of the rest.

    To be able to upgrade to Windows 11, your PC must meet the following requirements:

  • Compatible processor
  • At least 4 GB of RAM.
  • At least 64 GB of free disk space.
  • UEFI, secure boot, and TPM 2.0 enabled
  • Windows 11 will also be available on PC starting October 2, including the new Surface Laptop Studio, Surface Pro 8, and Surface Go 3. More PCs from many manufacturers are expected to ship on October 5. all preinstalled with Windows 17.

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    Windows 11: What’s New

    Windows 11 focuses on three key areas: a new and more modern user interface designed to make it easier to install Windows, new features and changes to make you more efficient, and a new focus on a specific Microsoft Store.< /p>

    Most of the high-level driver interfaces have been updated with a significantly new look and feel, with new animations, icons, and sounds. Everything from the start menu and taskbar to context menus and inbox tools have been updated to pretty much match the rest of the new Windows 11 theme.

    One of Microsoft’s goals when designing Windows 11 was to make the user experience (UX) as easy as possible. Microsoft can be described as an attempt to make Windows UX more user-friendly for PC users who are more familiar with modern operating systems like iOS and Android, but it comes at the cost of simplifying a number of features or general behavior that a small number of old-school Windows adherents will have to overcome.move and adapt.

    The good news is that for those who prefer the simplicity of the complexity of Windows, Release 11 is a great choice. It’s an absolute delight thanks to the smooth, near-perfect UX. Windows 11 is a breath of fresh air for those who appreciate the Google Goggle software and a great release for those who prioritize productivity on the way to work.11:

    First Thing To Do For Windows

    Source: Windows headquarters.

    Windows 11 provides a brand new out-of-the-box interface to help you build. Gone is the old Cortana-driven contractor, and in its place is likely to be a clean, streamlined theme that walks you through Windows 20 setup with ease. However, Microsoft has already made some policy changes here that you should be aware of.

    For the first time, Microsoft is warning that Windows 10 Home PCs must sign in with a Microsoft account and be connected to Wi-Fi while ready. It’s no longer missable, which means you have to useCall it if you want to use your Windows 11 PC.

    Not only do I find this important, but in my role, I love the integration and the benefits you get just by signing into a Microsoft account. However, I know there are a lot of people who refuse to use it, so this would be the right issue for those people. Luckily, Microsoft doesn’t enforce this requirement starting with Windows on 11 Pro, so there might be a way around this if someone really can’t stand it.

    Once you’ve updated and run Windows 11, the first thing to do is go to the Microsoft Store app and check for updates to make sure you have the most advanced versions of all the pre-installed Windows 16 apps. After that, each should also go to Windows Update in the new Settings app to check for updates so you have the latest drivers for Windows 11.


    Windows 11 Start Menu

    The new Windows 11 brings interfaces to virtually every area of ​​the PC desktop, including the Start menu. Start wasan added part of the practical experience of Windows users for decades, so it’s always important when things change, as they do with Windows 11. Now it’s not a “Windows 8 level” change, but it still takes some getting used to.