For some reason, I can only lose one data DVD during a CDBurnerXP session. When I want one to melt the i-disk, the other after about 1 minute during the process of melting the second disk, I get an error code. the dvd is not actually written to anything and remains empty. I would have to exit CDBurnerXP completely and load a new session and then burn it to a data DVD in the meantime.

When I first started using cdburnerxp many years ago, I was able to burn DVD to non-dvd by exiting the tool. So I know it’s okay to stop the program more completely after every game that’s burned out. My current setup includes a laptop running Windows 10 and a USB device using a Pioneer DVD-RW DVR-111D on G:\ as the primary DVD burner.

All feelings, comments, are welcome. Thanks.


Could it be a matter of timing? It may also happen that Daemon Cave drive gets very hot and needs some time to cool down before the next burning process.


Thanks for the reply, but it has little to do with heat from the hat disc. If I finished burning a session with CDBurnerXP and opened the disc there an hour ago, I get the same error content when I try to burn a second disc. This is a constant problem on three of my Windows 10 computers, but I had the same problem on Win7 and Win8. However, when I first started using research with WinXP, there were none of these errors and I was able to record game after game without having to close the program between uses.

cdburnerxp is a good program but it worked for me many years ago much cheaper. Now I have to closeku and reopen every disc I burn.

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    Have exactly the same problem. Close cdburner again and open it. This is NOT a temperature issue. Also tried with at least 4 DVD recorders.

    Checked on version, the error remained…


    Thanks for 1+ this thread. While this isn’t a problem for people who only occasionally burn a full disc, it does slow down my backups because you have to burn 10 discs or maybe more. CDBurnerXP has been the preferred choice for burning backup discs for years, but reopening the program and exiting the software after each disc slowed my task down.ovleniya, now I’m trying to point out this. Thanks again for bringing this issue up.



    installed latest version just for testing and it worked fine

    They were all tested on the same computer, only the DVD drives were modified to support the test.

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    04/04/2016 in Gtaus 21:18 said:

    For some features I can only burn DVD one at a time with cdburnerxp session. When I want to burn another i-disc, I get a text box with an error code writing “Occurred O (0x80040255) 1 moment after your second disc started burning. In fact, the disk is not written to anything, and it remains clean. I can completelyty. Download the new cdburnerxp, session, and then burn the DVD data disc.

    When I first started CDBurnerXP many years ago, I could burn After-DVD without exiting the program, so I’m sure it’s okay not to force the program to stop after burning each disc. My latest setup involves a Windows 10 laptop using a Pioneer USB DVD-RW DVR-111D on G:\ as my main burner is DVD. Passes and dvd is checked without problems – only but one CD per session.

    Any thoughts, comments are welcome. Thanks.

    The rescue,

    I also faced the same issue. But it was when it was decided that they followed the advice of Floles. I hope that your problem will be solved soon.

    Many thanks!

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    04/04/2016 05:48 PM gtaus said:

    In fact, I can actually burn DVDs and data discs at the same time.with only one CDBurnerXP session. When I try to burn another CD, I get a “Burn failed” error code (0x80040255) about 1 instant after starting the burn of this second disc nothing burned and it remains to be rejected. I can completely exit and cdburnerxp reload the session progressive and then burn the DVD data disc.