How to Fix Start Menu Not Working in Windows 10

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Initial navigation is your primary email port for navigation in Desktop County 10, so as long as it’s visible it becomes a big problem.


How do I repair corrupted Windows 10?

First of all, you are proficient at the command prompt as an administrator, thanks to the fact that you search the start menu for the keyword “cmd” or maybe even “command prompt”. ‘
Type the command DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth and press ENTER.
Now you should wait until the recovery process is 100% complete.

Reset all near files you can’t afford before attempting some of the fixes below. Here’s how Windows 10 can back them up.

Another Method. Switch Off And On

How do I fix the location on my computer?

Select > Privacy Settings > > Location.
Under Default Location, set it to Default.
The Windows Maps application opens. NextFollow the instructions to change the default location.


There’s a reason why Roy, when it comes to IT Crowd, is known for working with his slogan ” Have you tried “Turning the site off and on again?”. In many cases, you only need to take care of specific things to troubleshoot your laptop or PC.


This is by far the easiest method. Try your computer, restart maybe even a few times, and see if it resolves itself. Obviously you don’t want to do this regularly if it works and you’ll be up and running in a few minutes.

Method 2: Update Windows

In 10

In most cases, these issues will be resolved in the next Windows update. Since Microsoft is constantly improving and optimizing its brainchild, keeping your system up to date is a very useless boon to keep you up to date.

Your version of Windows will likely be set to install new versions regularly, but if you’re not, you can easily get updates manually without going to the entire Start menu.


The easiest way to open Settings is to hold down the Windows key (the key to the right of the Ctrl key) and press i. If for some reason this doesn’t work (andyou can’t use the start menu), you can do the trick by holding Windows and pressing R, which will “run” the Started command.

We’ve also found that if the settings don’t work when you open the main menu on Start, you can first click on the search container, then click on the familiar gear to bring up settings.


In the field that appears, enter the following text, consisting of colons

Once you’ve opened the Settings app, you need to tap “Update Security” and. In the main area on the right side of the palm, you will see a check for updates or a handy “Download later” button as options shown below. on Click it and also on , then install any updates offered by Windows.

You may have to restart your computer a few times, but we hope this resolves your boot menu issue. If this is not the case, there are other solutions that you will definitely try.


Thanks to reader Robert Garrett for sending it back so quickly. this So, it works, we first modified this task here (slightly pasted).

Method9. Create New User Profiles

Innovative two creation of new accounts with administrator rights. You must have administrative privileges to perform the necessary tasks for you. If you don’t already have Admin Defense and/or can create new accounts later, turn in now and install Windows and all your new applications.

How do I fix a corrupted window?

Use the SFC tool. Tool 1.1 Run System File Checker.
Use the DISM tool.
Run an SFC scan from Safe Mode.
Run a test before sfc booting Windows 10.
Manually replace the individual files.
Use the System Restore feature.
Reset corrupted Windows 10.


Log in and log back in with one of the new administrator accounts you just created. Check if your start menu works logically. If not, something is wrong and you can try again after you find the other fixes listed below.

The thing is, you need to set up this new best account with a detailed launch menu before the other parts of this walkthrough. So if you can’t find the destination after that, you can reinstall Windows right away. Sorry.

The good facts… When you’re away, you have to solve your problem. Now open and explorer make sure folder options allow you to see system hidden files. Files and extensionsfiles.

Incorrectly login to this account, then login to the second admin profile you just created and set the new folder option again so you can see “everyone”. Navigate to your entire :\users\\Local\TileDataLayer\Database. Your folder should contain about 8 files. Select them all and copy to the directory all:\users\\Local\TileDataLayer\Database and replace all the remaining files there.

How do I run a Windows repair?

Select Start > Settings > Update & Security > Troubleshoot or select the Find a troubleshooter link at the bottom related to this topic.
Select the type of troubleshooting you want to perform then “Run” select the troubleshooter. “Start”

Reasons to create two new accounts for this: (1) you, when you first sign in to a new seller account, Windows will create a new starter plate for that account (I hope this definitely works). and (2) Families, if you’re logged into an account, these files are “locked” (via your account for Windows) and your company can’t copy them.

Log out, log back in with the original account that caused the boot menu to be corrupted and may now want to work. Please note that any settings you made earlier if you needed the menu will be lost and you will have to redo them, at least for now.


the new window you need to open Note: Then select the brand Win + r in the control panel. Now go to Settings > User Accounts > Change Account Type entries > Add New User Computer. You will see several options to add users to the main family or for general use. Adjust them and if you see it, it will solve the problem.